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An International and Quarterly Journal of CulturalStudies

The publication principles information
for the contributors


General Principles: As an International Folklore Journal, Milli Folklor, has been issued as a quarterly journal published as Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter issues. The issues of every two years form a volume. In the end of every two years an index of published articles is prepared, and added to the Winter issue. The journal has been mailed to its members and interested people within following twenty days of its publication. The articles which were published before three years can be read online for free on <> website, other articles' only abstracts are published on the website.

Objectives: a) Publishing the folklore and intangible cultural haritage (ICH) research and scholarly studies in Turkey and other Turkic countries within the "cultural studies" methods, and also elevate these studies from local level to national level and from national level to regional and international level, b) Closely follow up the scholarly works on  folklore and intangible cultural heritage, c) Publishing any kinds of scholarly articles on folklore and ICH which contribute theoretical and methodic perspectives for folklore and the Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage -in Turkish ( or other Turkic dialects as long as they are written in Latin script), or in a language that is commonly used as the language of international journals (French, English and Spanish).

Subjects: The articles may deal with any subject matter ranging from field collecting, evaluating and studying materials from the folklore of Turkey and Turkic World, to such issues concerning specifically folklore and ICH theories and methods within the cultural studies context.

Content: a) Original research articles that are based upon a research and filling a gap in their field of study, b) Reviews that introduce and criticize new works, and contribute to the development of field of study, c) Literary translations of the articles on folklore which shed new light on and help the theoretical and methodic development of Turkish culture, folklore and ICH studies, d) Articles that contain material collected directly from oral sources and manuscripts are accepted for publication.

It should be noted that an article submitted for publication in Milli Folklorshould not have previously been published, the papers presented in scholarly meetings are not accepted for publication either. Only two articles of a writer can be published in the journal in one year.

Evaluation of the Articles Sent for Publication: The articles sent for publication in Milli Folklor are first examined by the Editorial Board of the journal in accordance with the articles aim, subject, content and writing styles. The articles found publishable by the Editorial Board are sent for evaluation of two judges who are nationally or internationally recognized by their works and studies in the field of folklore. The Board does not send the names of the authors to the judges, and the judges' reports are kept for two years. If one of the two judges approves and another disapproves the article's publication, the article is sent to a third judge.

The authors should pay attention to the suggestions and correction advice of the judges and Editorial Board. If an author does not share the views of the judges or the Editorial Board, he/she may present a report on the points where he/she does not agree. The articles completing these processes are put in to the publication order.

General writing Rules: The major rules to be followed in the articles submitted for publication in Milli Folklor are listed below:

A)Title: The title of an article should not be more than 12 words, it should be bold, capitalized. If the language of the article is French, English or Spanish the second language of the article should be Turkish. The title's Turkish translation should also be written under the original one, and it should also be bold, but not capitalized.

B) The Name of Author: The author's name should be bold and placed under the title. The professional title should be marked with a star and explained at the bottom of the first page.

C)Abstract: Every article must be submitted with an abstract. The abstract should provide information on the professional aims of the article, and should be between 200 words. The abstract should not include any kinds of bibliographies, figures, notes etc. The abstract and key words must be both in original language of the article and standard Turkish.

D)The Text of Article: The articles must be typed as 12 punt with 2 spaces. An article should not contain more than 5000 words. It should be written by MS word program, and the chosen characters should be Times New Roman or Arial. An article should begin with an introduction which should include the main thesis of the article, the development part should include observations, interpretations, citations, and discussions, (and may be divided into and supported by subtitles). In the conclusion part, the results should be explained and supported by suggestions.

E) Citations and Bibliography: The MLA (Modern Language Association) citation style is preferred but other scientific citation styles are also accepted.

G)Footnotes: The explanations need to be mentioned other than showing a cited source should be marked by footnotes following from the number one. The footnotes should be placed following the main text of an article and before the bibliography, and they should be written in 10 punt.

H) Submission: An article conforming the above mentioned criteria should be sent to the gelenekselyy@yahoo.come-mail address. Following the evaluation of the judges, if some corrections asked from the author, the author needs to send a new copy to same addresses within a month. During the process of publication, minor changes that have nothing to do with the main structure of the article may be made by the Editorial Board.

I) Author right: The juridical rights and responsibilities of the published articles and translations belong to the authors/translators.